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This sunburst pleated trumpet skirt can be made with several custom options:

- The pleated portion can be made with 2 sunburst panels (half circles).

- In addition the length of the pleated panels can be even around the hem or they can be slightly longer at the center back seam like in the image above.

- Another point to note regarding this style is the back of the skirt in the photo implies a soft fabric by the way it lays on the floor. If you choose a stiffer fabric like organza or taffeta your dress will not drape like the photo.

Maximum Length:

Since the pleating for this style starts at the knee extreme lengths are not necessary. In most instances our standard sunburst length should be sufficient which is a total radius of 44 inches/ 120 cm from the center of the circle.

Fabric Options:

- Silk or Poly Chiffon *

- Silk or Poly Taffeta

- Silk or Poly Organza

- Silk or Poly Georgette *

- Poly or Nylon Tulle

* Recommended