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Product Description

This sunburst pleated skirt from the waist can be made with several custom options:

- The pleated portion can be made with a minimum 2 sunburst panels (half circles) or more depending on the look you are trying to achieve or the fabric you choose. If you desire a couture look and want more panels we recommend odd number of panels: 3,5,7 etc so as to avoid a center front seam.

- In addition the length of the pleated panels can be even around the hem or they can be slightly longer at the center back seam like in the image above. In most cases a minimum of 3 panels is required for a train. Depending on the width of your fabric and the required length of the bridal gown.

- Another point to note regarding this style is the back of the skirt in the photo implies a stiffer fabric. Fabric like organza or taffeta is recommended.

Maximum Length:

Since the pleating for this style starts at the waist, longer lengths can become an issue. In most instances if a train is not necessary our long sunburst length should be sufficient which is a total radius of 54 inches / 150cm (long) from the center of the circle. Approximate finished skirt length is 44inches / 120cm with 54 inch fabric.

Fabric Options:

- Silk or Poly Chiffon

- Silk or Poly Taffeta *

- Silk or Poly Organza *

- Silk or Poly Georgette

- Poly or Nylon Tulle *

- Silk or Poly Charmeuse

* Recommended

Required Yardage:

For a more accurate length please please email download our iPhone app myProductionPal which will reimburse from us at the time of your first order.