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Article: DIY Sunburst Pleated Skirt Pattern

DIY Sunburst Pleated Skirt Pattern
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DIY Sunburst Pleated Skirt Pattern

For those of you who always wanted to sew your own sunburst pleated circle skirt…now is your chance!!!

We recently decided to offer a free downloadable pattern so that students and home sewers alike could cut their fabrics and send them to us to be professionally pleated. This is the same way we produce skirts for industry professionals.

Below are a few sample skirts that we made, using this same pattern and pleating:

Three short sunburst pleated silk skirts


Here is a scaled-down version of what the pattern will look like once fully assembled:

Free DIY sunburst skirt pattern by International Pleating New York City




For more instructions on this sewing tutorial, download this pattern in its entirety.

 Cover page for pleated sunburst skirt tutorial, diy pleated skirt pattern


How it Works:

1. Download our skirt pattern and sewing instructions.

2. Choose and cut your fabric.

3. Send your fabric to us for pleating. Once pleated, we’ll ship it back to you.

4. Sew your skirt and then WEAR IT!


Skill Level:

This is an intermediate to advanced project depending on the type of fabric you choose. Assuming that you know how to sew an invisible zipper,  stitch some basic shearing and hem fabric, your project should turn out very clean and professional.

Offer limitations: 

This offer applies to a sunburst pleated accordion skirt. The maximum length of the skirt to be pleated is 24 inches. There are no limitations to the number of pleated panels you order. The fabric must be pre-cut according to our specifications. If you prefer that we cut the fabric for you,  we will charge $5 per panel in addition.




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