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About Tom's Sons International Pleating

Since 1931, Tom's Sons International Pleating has been a family owned fabric and textile pleating business. Our full service facility is located in the heart of New York City’s Garment District and offers all aspects of pleating services: from sample development to production. Quality is our legacy and a heritage that we work tirelessly to uphold. Full attention is always paid to even the finest detail.  Our family master craftspeople posses  the level of artistry and unsurpassed technical design skill, that has been acquired and passed down through five generations of expertise in this industry.

Although we are couture and silk specialists, our craftspeople are highly skilled and experienced in the pleating all textiles, including polyester, silk, lace, cotton, linen, nylon and also leather

International Pleating is more than just a “pleating” company.  As evident in our family history we are in the unique position to have a full mastery of:

  • Textiles (weaving, dyeing and finishing)
  • Industrial garment construction techniques (cutting, sewing and pressing)
  • Technical design
  • and pleating.

This combination of expertise gives us a tremendous amount of control over:

  • the quality of a garments constructed
  • a reduction in time developing samples
  • in addition to the ability to predict and prevent costly errors in the manufacturing process.

We are considered a valuable asset by many of our clients who have benefitted from our industry experience.  Our consulting services have ranged from saving our clients from costly disasters of tens of thousands of dollars to long term relationships in planning their success.

We are confident that you will find our technical knowledge an asset in helping you achieve your design goals.  It is for this reason that many top fashion designers, both locally and international, choose our services.