Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to pleat fabric? Do you have a price list? 
Yes, we have a price list with price ranges based on the style. It is very difficult to make a specific price list because there are literally hundreds of different variables. How much fabric do you want to pleat, what kind of fabric you pleat and how soon you need it greatly influences the price. However, as a general rule of thumb you can figure prices averaging $15 dollars a yard for basic pleating styles. For an accurate quote send us a swatch, pleat desired and quantity of fabric to be pleated.

Do you have minimums?
Not really. Certain types of pleats have minimum 4 yard charge.  Once you choose the pleating style we can answer specifically. 

What are your hours of operation? 
Officially 9:30am to 6:00pm during the week and 10:00am till 2:00pm on Saturday. However, we often find ourselves here late. If you want to come late then just give us a call to make sure someone is here to help you.

How do I identify the type of pleating I need? 
For starters read How to Order Custom Pleated Fabric.  You can also read Pleating 101

I am a manufacture. Do you give volume discounts if pleat a lot of yardage?

Yes, absolutely.  The best price breaks are at 200 & 500 yards.

I’m just a student.  Can you pleat my fabric?
Absolutely. Even if sewing is just your hobby, we would be happy to accommodate you. We even give students a discount with a valid ID.

I love my pleated skirt…can you duplicate my sample for me?
Yes. Send us a picture of your skirt, dress or whatever it is and we can give you a better idea of your options.

Do you pleat leather?
Yes. Some leathers can be problematic. Give us a call before you choose your leather.

Do I send you fabric to pleat or do I buy the fabric already pleated from you?
Either way is fine. However, we do recommend sending us a swatch before buying your fabric.  Many fabrics are not finished properly and many not be optimum choice for pleating.  This way you can prevent a costly mistake. To view fabrics choices we offer by the yard, please see our Silk Color Chart.

Whats the difference between machine pleating and pattern pleating
Machine pleating is pleated by the roll on a specialized machine.  Pattern pleating is pleated in panels anywhere from a few inches wide to 4 yards plus.  The advantage of pattern pleating is it is more accurate to control grain line and you have more range in custom pleating styles.  To see examples of machine pleating and how it is utilized in garments download our PDF document How to Use Machine Pleating.

I heard you guy specialize in couture work…can I afford your prices
Some of our pleating requires a lot of skill or is very labor intensive. Our proprietary couture pleating can reach into the hundreds of dollars per yard.  However not all our service are couture.  Basic pleating styles can be done for approximately $15 per yard.

I want to make a pleated dress but I’m not really sure how to sew pleating. Can you help me?
Not a problem, we offer garment development services.  We want to make sure our pleating looks great on your project.

I am a young designer and I want to start my collection.  Can you help me find contractors to make my clothes?
Sure, we know plenty of people in the garment district.  We offer a host of service that complement the pleating process. Just give us a call. 

I ruined my pleated skirt/pleated dress.  Can you fix the pleats?
If money is no object than most probably yes.  However, send us a pic and we can give a more accurate answer.  We can also recommend some alternatives like “crushing.”

Are all your pleating samples on your website? 
No, many of our best samples are hidden away in our factory! If you are looking for something specific please contact us. 

How much fabric should I buy?
If you want to pleat sunburst pleating check our Bias Fabric Calculator.  For linear pleats you can figure between 2 to 3 times more fabric.  Loss factor in fabric is something that can be controlled by us.  Usually the more fabric you loose the better the garment looks.  The more fabric you try to save the cheaper the garment looks.

Why are the seams puckered on my pleated dress? 
There are two potential reasons for this happening.  First is it was pleated with a crooked grain…which means we did not pleat it. The other is poor sewing technique, which shows up even worse when the fabric is pleated off grain.  This FAQ will eventually be a detailed blog post.

Can you pleat my dress? It is already sewn together. 
No. That would be like trying to dry clean your clothes while you are wearing them! The garment must be pleated before it is sew so the fabric is totally flat.

How come you guys know so much about pleating?
Because we are not “just” a pleating company.  We have manufactured every possible configuration, style or type of pleating you can imagine.  We started as a fabric mill over 125 years ago and evolved intofull out design, cut, pattern, grade, pleat, sew, exhibit and distribute worldwide.  We have experienced all of the countless variables that could go wrong during the production process, especially when it comes to pleating.  We encourage our clients to involve us in technical design to save them from the many misfortunes and errors we see everyday in the NYC garment center.