How to Order Pleated Fabric

If you are planning on hiring our services to pleat fabric, then you should read this page first.  This document will layout the steps to ensure the fastest way to get your order processed.

1. Selecting your pleat style:  You must first know exactly the kind of pleating you want before fabric, or price, can be discussed.  The most efficient way to do this is to first read Pleating 101, then look at our Instagram feed.  If you still have not identified the kind of pleating you want, then email us a picture or your concept sketches to “info at” with the subject line “Pleat Identification Help.”

If you are ordering sunburst pleating, please read How To Order Sunburst Pleating before moving on to Step #2.

2. Fabric Selection & Quantity:  Normally people send us their own fabric, but as a courtesy we can sometimes source fabric for you as well.  Let us know exactly what kind of fabric you plan on sending, or require.  We need information such as fiber content, width of the goods and yardage.  If you are ordering sunburst pleating and want to know required yardage for each panel we recommend downloading our iPhone app myProductionPal from the Apple App Store.  We will deduct the cost of the app from your order if you let us know before your order ships out.

3. Call Us:  Once you have accumulated and emailed us all the necessary data, call us so we can review your order, because the more information you give us about what you plan to make, the better.  This is the time we will go over, for example, if a hem is needed before or after the pleating, the direction of pleating, cutting, or any other particulars needed for your order.

4.  Shipping Your Fabric to Us: When shipping your fabric, make sure it is packaged in a way to minimize wrinkling during the shipping process.  Shipping on a roll is not required (especially for smaller yardages), but for certain fabrics, it is recommended.  Silk taffeta, tulle and silk satin face organza are notorious for wrinkling quite easily.  If your fabric arrives excessively wrinkled, it will delay your order and increase the cost, as it will need to go through an additional process and get pressed flat, or properly rolled.  Your shipping method can be UPS, Federal Express or US Postal Service.  For expensive fabrics we recommend UPS or FEDEX.

5. Order Form: It is very important to attach an order form to EACH piece of fabric you send us.  During our telephone conversation (step #3) we will advise you what to write on your order form.  If you cannot download our order form, you should at least place a hand written note with your name, address, telephone, email & what type of pleating you need.

6. Payment:  After your order is complete and ready to ship, we will be contacting you regarding payment.  If you wish to speed up the order process, you can fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form, and send it in with your fabric.  If we are purchasing fabric for you, then you will be billed twice:  once before your order is pleated for the cost of the fabric, then prior to shipping for the cost of the pleating, plus shipping. If you request shipping through USPS, then payment is arranged through

7. Shipping Methods for Your Pleated Fabric: Our default shipping method is UPS, but we can also ship FEDEX and USPS.  Ultimately the decision is made based on the size of your fabric, timing requirements and location.  For smaller orders that are shipped via USPS, payments are made through