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How to order Sunburst Side Pleating

Sunburst Side Pleated Gallery

Purple metallic sheath dress with sunburst side pleated tiers at the waist


Before reading this page, please read How To Order Custom Pleated Fabric.


 If you are ordering sunburst side pleating, follow the steps below to understand the required information necessary for calculating and preparing your order. It is important to know that sunburst pleating is NOT pleated as continuous yardage. It is cut into half-circle panels and then pleated. 

Step 1. Determining the number of panels required. Unlike sunburst accordion pleating, the number of panels required are determined by the style you are trying to create. Please provide us with a photo or choose a photo from our gallery.  

Step 2. How much fabric is needed. The amount of fabric you will need depends on the following:

  • The number of panels.
  • The width of your fabric.
  • The waist measurement.
  • The length of your skirt. (Please note that maximum skirt length is approximately 10 inches less than the width of your goods. )

To determine how much fabric you need, provide the above information via email (  

Step 3. Cutting. The panels must be pre-cut before they are pleated. You can do this or you can send the fabric to us and we will cut them for you. If you are a novice, we do not recommend attempting to pattern and cut this kind of pleating because it is a complex process. If you do not cut your panels to our specifications, it may compromise the quality of your pleats or render your cut fabric useless.  


To order custom pleated sunburst pleating please fill out the Sunburst Pleating Order Form and watch the video instructions below: