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Article: How to Use Machine Pleating

How to Use Machine Pleating

I’m still here! I know I haven’t blogged in a while but I’ve been in the trenches pleating away!  I bet you just can’t live without another post regarding pleating….so I apologize and I will try not to let it happen again! I do have good news for you: We just finished another ebook about pleating entitled How to Use Machine Pleating.  This one shows examples of machine pleating as well as examples of its use in different styles.  In this first version I briefly review things you should be aware of regarding machine pleating, especially as it relates to garment construction.  The next booklet we publish will be addressing pattern pleating (or table pleating).  Then I will start to revise all these documents and delve deeper into patterning concerns regarding garment construction.  Hope you like it



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What Happens When You Sunburst Pleat Striped Fabric?
black and white stripes pleated fabric

What Happens When You Sunburst Pleat Striped Fabric?

I must say that this is the coolest thing!  Obviously printed fabric looks different when pleated.  Usually the end result is beautiful, but not always.  However, when pleating lines and geometric ...

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What is a #pleatninja?

Pleating is defined as the systematic folding of fabric.  Now, I’m sure you know what a ninja is but look at the origin of the word.  According to, nin- = endure and -ja/-sha = perso...

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