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Article: Organza Pleated Flowers

Organza Pleated Flowers

Using polyester organza and polyester chiffon, we have created these beautiful flower petals and leaves. They can also be made with silk or other types of fabric. The cost for these flowers is between $5 and $40 each, depending on the quantity ordered, fullness of the flower, and color of the pearl edge trim. Some of the edges are finished with metallic thread while some are a combination of two colors; the combinations are limitless. These are available pre-made from our stock or we would also be happy to custom make them using your own fabric choice. There is a low minimum order so give us a call to discuss possible options.


white organza pleated flower

White Chiffon Pleated Flower, Custom made flower, international pleating

white pleated flower petal, custom made flower, international pleating

black and grey chiffon pleated flower, handmade custom flowers, made in USA, international pleating





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