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Article: Pleated Hermes Scarf Repair

Pleated Hermes Scarf Repair
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Pleated Hermes Scarf Repair

Firstly, I would like to wish everybody on the planet a Happy & Healthy New Year

Here are some before and after pics of our pleating restoration project on some Hermes scarves. They were the victim of some unfortunate accident, but we were determined to restore these scarves back to their original beauty. What do you think?

This is what they looked like when we received them.

damaged pleated hermes scarves

Notice in the close up photo below how some sections are more pleated than the other.

arabesque style hermes style with damaged pleating

We had to press open all the pleating to get the scarves back to their original square shape.  This was just as labor intensive as the repleating process!  If this is not done correctly you can damage the scarf as it is pleated on the bias.  TRICKY!!!

Below is the finished product. Absolutely stunning!

repleated scarves, pleating repair

five pleated hermes scarves on a table

close up of floral pleated hermes scarf


close up of hermes scarf with pleating and tassel print

repaired pleated scarf closeup, hermes

scarf pleating repaired, re-pleated green and gold scarf



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