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Copy of How to Order Sunburst Accordion Pleating

Sunburst Pleating Gallery 

Before reading this page, please be sure you have read How To Order Custom Pleated Fabric.


 Once you have decided to order sunburst pleating, follow the steps below to understand the additional steps necessary for calculating and preparing your order. The most important thing you need to know is that sunburst pleating is NOT pleated as continuous yardage. It is cut into half-circle panels and then pleated. 

Step 1. Decide how many panels you want. The number of panels to use in your garment can vary from one panel up to nine panels (or even more). The determining factors are the style or your garment, the fabric and your budget. Usually the more panels used, the more luxurious the look of the garment.  

For additional information regarding how many panels you would like to order, please read our blog post Circle Skirts, Patterns, and Pleating.

Step 2. Calculate how much fabric is needed. The amount of fabric you will need depends on four factors:

  • The number of panels you want.
  • The width of your fabric.
  • The waist measurement.
  • The length of your skirt. Please note that maximum skirt length is approximately 10 inches less than the width of your goods.

Refer to Pleated Bias Skirts: Cutting and Calculating for assistance determining yardage needed. For a quicker estimate, use the bias skirt fabric calculator on our iPhone App MyProductionPal, available from the Apple App Store. If you need assistance determining how much fabric you need, please email us ( and provide the information requested in step 2. 

Step 3. Cutting. The panels must be cut before they are pleated. Either you can cut them, or you can send the fabric to us and we will cut them for you. If you prefer to cut your own, there is a step-by-step guide to create your pattern in our blog post How to Pattern a Bias Skirt for Pleating. There are also samples of common sizes and marker layouts in our PDF Pleated Bias Skirts: Cutting and Calculating to assist you. If you prefer to cut the panels yourself, we strongly encourage you to follow our sunburst cutting checklist to ensure the panels are cut correctly. If you do not cut your panels to our specifications, it may compromise the quality of your pleats.