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screenshots of myProductionPal by Tom's Sons International Pleating

myProductionPal is an app that will help you make complex calculations to assist with the dressmaking process. Version 1.0 of this app calculates fabric consumption for bias circle skirts – a difficult assumption to be made mentally since there are many variables in this calculation. For example, myProductionPal will calculate the radius of the waist measurement, the maximum length of the skirt based on the fabric width and the amount of fabric saved due to locking-in bias panels. Currently myProductionPal will calculate the fabric consumption for:

1 panel – semi circe skirt

2 panels with side zipper – full circle skirt

2 panels with a center back zipper – full circle skirt

3 panels with a center back zipper – one and a half circle skirt


myProductionPal is the perfect for:

Fashion designers

Production managers

Costume designers

Dress makers

Fashion students

Sample room coordinators

Home sewers


No matter what your level of expertise, this app will literally pay for itself after the first use. Think of all of the fabric, time and money you may have wasted in the past due to incorrect calculations. myProductionPal will literally save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when used over a long period of time.

Future versions of this app will have many more utilities and calculations to assist anyone that is involved in the apparel industry.

Act now! Download on the App Store for $2.99 and get future upgrades for free.