How to Identify Different Pleating Styles

When it comes to understanding the different types of pleats that are available, there is a lot of miscommunication. People often ask for the incorrect type of pleat  or they ask “How much does it cost for a basic pleat?” From the standpoint of a pleater, that would be like someone walking into a supermarket and asking “How much does it cost for basic food?”  I’m sure you can imagine how that question could turn into quite a lengthy discussion

So if you want to understand the basic principles that will help you identify and classify the majority of pleated garments,  I recommend you read the following four blog posts in order:

1. The ABC’s of Pleating

2. Basic Panel Shapes

3. One More Panel Shape

4. What Happens When You Combine Different Pleats

After having read these posts, if you still don’t know what kind of pleating you need, then email us a picture and we can help you identify it.