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Article: Pleating 101

basics of pleating

Pleating 101

If you prefer to read a hard copy instead of online, we just compiled a PDF document so you can easily print it out and read it on the go!  The title is Pleating 101 and it lays the foundation for the basic types of pleats and how they combine to make more complex pleated styles.

The primary topics covered are:

– Three ways to fold fabric.

– Three basic pleated panel shapes.

– Nine variables that create variety with pleat styles.

After reading this document you should be able to identify most of the pleating styes available. If you are planning on us pleating your fabric for you, we highly recommend reading this document before giving us a call.  If after you read this document you still are unsure of your needs, then email us a photo and we can help you.

Cover page for pleating 101 pdf document



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