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How To Recognize A Poorly Pleated Skirt!

Let me start by saying that this skirt was NOT pleated by us! A client brought it to us as a sample of a garment pleated overseas. This demonstrates extremely poor quality pleating and we were surprised that our client did not recognize this. I therefore thought it would be good to blog about how to recognize poor pleating.

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Pleated Dancing Sleeves

Cheryl, our client in Clearwater, Florida, is a ballroom dancer. She recently contacted us requesting wings for an upcoming dance showcase. This would be a challenge for us as we had  to create something dramatic,  yet simple enough to change in and out of. For the fabric we chose a black poly chiffon since we knew that these sleeves would be on the road and would get quite a bit of use. This pleated sunburst accordion scarf, with an insert for her arms, was the result of this challenge.

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