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Silk Pleated Collar

Jie Li, one of our clients, made this collar. It is a perfect example of fabric manipulation. She is a very talented fashion design student from Parsons School of Design, who uses our pleating services.  The two toned collar is made from 100% silk chiffon and was pleated to 1cm accordion pleat.  Once the garment is complete, we will show you the finished product. Very exciting!

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Pleated Bikini Trim

This gorgeous bikini was designed by Diane Raulston. But we can take credit for the pleated Spandex trim. The first company that tried to pleat this was unsuccessful.  Spandex type fabrics are very rubbery and difficult to stay pleated – even more difficult than silk. We used the proper pleating technique for this type of fabric and […] The post Pleated Bikini Trim appeared first on Tom's Sons International Pleating.

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Organza Pleated Flowers

Using polyester organza and polyester chiffon, we have created these beautiful flower petals and leaves. They can also be made with silk or other types of fabric. The cost for these flowers is between $5 and $40 each, depending on the quantity ordered, fullness of the flower, and color of the pearl edge trim. Some of […] The post Organza Pleated Flowers appeared first on Tom's Sons International Pleating.

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