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Sample Pleat Pack

Sale price$19.00

Our sample pleating pack contains 5 swatches of some of the most common pleats ordered from us, along with a copy of our own Pleating 101 PDF document to give you some information on the options available for panel shapes and pleating styles. Perfect for students and designers.

All samples are made in muslin measuring 9″ x 30″ before they were pleated.
Based on the finished measurement, you can roughly calculate the yardage consumption for your projects.

Sample pleating pack contains:

-1/2″ side pleating (12.5mm)
-1/2″ accordion pleating (12.5mm)
-1 1/2″ box pleating (30mm)
-1/4″ side pleating (7mm)
-mushroom pleating

Sample Pleat Pack
Sample Pleat Pack Sale price$19.00